Farmers serving farmers

Agricultural services

In Nouca we are farmers growing sweet fruit and nuts. Thanks to our experience and our knowledge, for four years we have also been working on providing agricultural services. We have the most innovative machinery, and a young, committed and efficient team that, oriented to excellence. We are a safe bet: we treat the plantations and farms as our own, therefore we offer the best service.


Nouca offers complete advice and specific consultations, as well as the option of becoming part of our group of producers. Doing so, one can benefit from the advice of our experts, specialized in both conventional and organic walnut production.

Farm maintenance

We have the necessary equipment to offer a comprehensive maintenance service, in order to perseve and take care of your farms.


We carry out pests, fungi and weeds controls offering a service based on precision agriculture. We take into account all the technical parameters to optimize each of the applications (temperature, humidity, wind, and others). With our knowledge we seek to save up to 30% of the chemical product and we prove each application by means of hydrosensitive cards. In the case of organic farming, we carry out the same applications with the corresponding products.


We know that harvesting is the key point of production and that it can determine the final price of the product. For this reason, we take care of the harvesting times and we work seven days a week during the campaign. We have a powerful lateral vibrator that allows us to enter narrow planting frames. And which is equipped with front brushes to avoid stepping on product that is already on the ground. We have a blower and two sweepers, small and large, allowing optimal harvesting in each setting.


Our facilities have an organic product handling certificate. Post-harvest service includes cleaning, Drying and Calibrating. We also have a mobile line for cleaning nuts, the only one in the entire peninsula with the latest technology that helps us achieve a perfect finish of the final product.


We commercializate walnuts and other dried fruits. We can also buy our clients production for commercialization, as long as it meets the quality and guarantees required by our commercial department.