The fruit of our roots

About us

Nouca is the fruit of our roots. From the passion for cultivation and working in a rural enviroment, it arises the desire to offer a delicious, ecological and local product. Through care and respect for the land, we lead a project that aims to bear its own fruit.

We work so that a walnut means more than a product and so that relationships are more than interactions.

We are driven by the never-ending learning from nature and our aim is to share what we collect: Our work is the fruit of that we belive in,

Our history

Nouca is born from the entrepreneurial spirit of a young man and the knowledge and experience of his grandfather.


Put in the hands of everyone a healthy and quality product that transmits the passion for life that we feel through respect, responsibility and cooperation. All of them, words linked to our production system.

Corporate Social Responsibility project

Social commitment

Social commitment

We are committed to a responibility project in collaboration with Acudam, a non-profit social initiative entity declared of public utility that was created in 1975 at the initiative of mothers, fathers and relatives of people with disabilities. Its mission is to accompany life projects of people who, even today, do not find their support and the necessary normality in society. From Nouca, we have the association to label our products and we are working on future synergies to collaborate with their social work.

Commitment to the environment

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, aware of the challenges facing climate change and for this reason we are dedicated to ecological production and we are working on manufacturing processes through renewable energies to the extent possible.

Commitment to the environment